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Website Development

The Simple Things...
Even the most basic website can benefit from a little programming. How about a form for potential customers to fill in? A simple news page? A current stock page? Latest offers? Rather than having to contact your website suppliers wouldn't it be easier to log in and make these minor changes to your website yourelf? Let me create the means to make updating your site so easy.

Stock Systems...
Many small businesses have stock that changes daily. A good example may be a car dealer or an artist, as items come in they need to be seen on the website, as they are sold they need to be removed. If you need to contact your website supplier each time a product is bought or sold, you are going to spend quite some time on the phone and also incur some charges. I have created many sites that are self managed. I create them to suit you, your style and most importantly the way you like to work.

Online Selling...
Stocks systems, as above, can also be used to sell online. You control the stock and also control the price. In addition to the stock comes the customer's ability to choose and buy the item's you are selling.

SAAS (Software as a Service)...
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